Landscape painting and the weather has often been used as a metaphor for the human experience. From the bright and sunny summer days to the dark and stormy winter months; the weather through the seasons can reflect the whole spectrum of our emotional states.

The motif of clouds are a recurring theme in my work. They are things of beauty to behold, they are the mountains of water and vapour that occupy the firmament. Here is a series of paintings that depict the clouds and skies over Cornwall as a study in observation and also as counterpart to our inner lives. 
The exhibition runs from Saturday 22nd until Friday 28th of June. 
opening times 10am - 6pm daily
call:  07902 710182

The Salthouse Gallery
Norway Square
St Ives TR26 1NT
Here is a selection of paintings from the show, click on the image for a closer view.
Camel Estuary from a Hill no.8 12x12” acrylic on panel £570
Looking In no.2 12x12” acrylic and oil on panel £570
Arcadia 50x50cm acrylic on canvas £800
Dinghys at Rock 12x12” acrylic on panel £570
Cottage on Edge of the Wood 12x12” acrylic on panel £570
Rock and Stepper Point no.5 12x12” acrylic and oil on panel £570
Rock and Stepper Point no.6 12x12” acrylic and oil on panel £570
Tempest 50x50cm acrylic on canvas £800
Bodies of Water no.1 80x80cm acrylic on canvas £1750
Pentire and Daymer no.2 80x80cm acrylic and oil on canvas £1750
Bodies of Water no.2 80x80cm acrylic on canvas £1750